Bedford County, Tennessee, County Court Minute Book, 
Volume 2, 1852-1855

Catalog number BCT-CNC-2

The County Court Minute Book of Bedford County, Tennessee for 1852 - 1855 contain the records of all business recorded by the County Court of Bedford County, Tennessee from Monday 6 December 1852 through June 1855. An 25 page index is included that list all of the names that appear in the court records in alphabetical order and gives the page(s) in the records on which each name appears. 
A new text index to all the names that appear in this volume is here. Both a typewritten transcription as well as the handwritten original records are included. You can review an extract from an index here. The records themselves are 478 pages in length. 

You can review an extract from an actual page of handwritten County Court Minutes here. You can review an extract from an actual page of a typewritten transcription of County Court Minutes here. As an example of the type of information that can be found in these records, you can review all of the entries for the surname "Coleman" in the 1848-1852 minute book here.

County Court Records contain a wealth of information including:

  1. the presentation of wills for probate,
  2. appointments of administrators for estates,
  3. presentation of the results of estate sales, 
  4. approval of powers of attorney for recording, 
  5. appointments of commissioners for matters such as to lay out roads, serve at elections, and set aside a year's provisions from an estate for a widow,
  6. relief granted for taxation issues (such as excess valuation or double taxation),
  7. appointments of overseers for roads, and
  8. appointments of and payments to guardians for taking care of orphan children.

All pages can be individually accessed by page number - no need to search through a roll of microfilm to find the page of interest. Pages can be printed directly on almost any  printer attached to your local computer - no need to pay the high copying costs at a library or archives and accept the poor quality prints produced by most microfilm printers. For far less than the cost of a book (such as Earliest Court Records of Bedford County, TN  by Timothy R. and Helen C. Marsh) that only abstracts selected portions of these court records, you can own a complete transcription of the entire court record! For less than the non-refundable $10 fee that is charged by the archives to search for a court record during a given five year period. you can own a copy of all the County Court records for a three year period!

The page images contained in this product were prepared from microfilm published by the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA).  The  microfilm from which this product was prepared includes the transcription on Roll 2 of Record Group 107 at as well as the handwritten original that is the second document on Roll 78 of the Bedford County, Tennessee Record Group at TSLA. The transcription was prepared by the Work's Progress Administration in 1937.

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