Coleman records from the Bedford County, Tennessee, County Court Minute Book, 1848-1852

To help you determine if you wish to include checking the Bedford TN County Court Minute Books in your research plans, here are all of the entries for the surname Coleman in the Bedford TN County Court Minute Book, 1848 - 1852. You can get a good idea of the types of information in these minute books from this example. Note that in two cases there are lists of the minor heirs of decedents of individuals in these records:


pages 330, 331, 387, 486, 489:
on all these pages, "Coleman" is listed as one Justice of the Peace

Christian Coleman

page 233, October term 1850
"Ordered by the Court that Christian Coleman in District No. 21 be released from double tax on a slave valued at $500.

M. J. H. Coleman

page 346, 1 September 1851:
"M. J. H. Coleman" is listed as one JP (member of the County Court)

Isham Coleman

page 543, November term 1852:
"This day John F. Watson was appointed Administrator of the estate of George W. Stewart deceased and gave bond as such in the sum of six hundred dollars, with Isham Coleman as his security. Which bond was duly acknowledged In open Court by them. And thereupon the said John P. Watson was duly qualified &a such Administrator."

J. W. Coleman

page 462, Monday morning 5 April 1852:
"Ordered by the court that the Revenue Commissioner of Bedford County be allowed the sum of fifteen dollars each for making out a list of the taxable property and polls for the year 1852, to wit:

List No. 1 Alexander Lee $15
List No. 21 J. M. Coleman $15

J. M. H. Coleman

page 324, Monday 7 July 1854:
"The following proceeding was had to wit: Lewis Tillman who had been elected as Justice of the Peace in the 7th District to fill the unexpired term of Justice James Wortham resigned, and J. M. H. Coleman who had been elected a Justice of the peace in the 21st District to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of B. F. Greer resigned, appeared in Court and produced to the Court their commission. Whereupon the said Lewis Tillman and J. M. H. Coleman was duly qualified as justices of the peace aforesaid, by taking the oath prescribed by law for civil Officers in the state and the oath of office."

page 471, May term 1852:
"Ordered by the Court that the following named persons be and they hereby are appointed the Venire Facias of jurors for the August term 1852 of the Circuit Court of Bedford to be holden at the Court house in the Town of Shelbyville on the first Monday in August 1852, to wit:
District No. 1 Thomas G. Mosley and John Jakes.
District No. 21 J. M. H. Coleman and I. B. Holt

page 544, November term 1852:
"This day John H. Gambill was appointed Guardian of James, Lydia, Betsy Ann, William and Preston Gambill, and gave bond as such in the sum of two thousand dollars with J. M. H. Coleman and G. T. Neeley his securities, which bond was by them acknowledged in open Court and was by the Court Approved"

Jesse Coleman

page 265, December term 1850:
"Ordered by the Court that John H. O'Neal be released from the payment of the tax of a negro boy given in to the Revenue commissioner at $550. (The tax having been paid by Jesse Coleman the person who hires said boy.)

Joshua Coleman

page 256, December term 1850
"Upon application it was ordered by the Court that Joshua Coleman be appointed Guardian of Rilley, Argvile, Lawson H. L. W and Sarah G. Bearden, minor heirs of John T. Bearden, Deceased. Whereupon the said Joshua Coleman entered into bond in the sum of three thousand dollars with W. W. Caldwell and Herod F. Holt his Securities and by the Court approved.


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