A copy of each of the publications in the
series of records of Bedford County, Tennessee 
Catalog number BCT-ALL-1

This product consists of a set of all thirty CDs in the series of Historical Record Products of Bedford County, Tennessee. When purchasing all thirty CDs at one time, a special discounted price applies, for a total price of $150.00. This price includes free shipping.

Before ordering, you should review the license agreement. To order by mail, send a check or money order for the purchase amount plus shipping  (shipping costs are listed on the Shipping Costs page) to the office address below. All orders are shipped by Priority mail, normally within 1 business day of receipt. Virginia residents add 5.3% state sales tax.
Title Catalog number Details Price
(US $)
All thirty Bedford County, Tennessee CD-ROM products (free shipping included) BCT-ALL-1 Description $150.00

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